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About Ayush Muscular Dystrophy Society India (A charter of Ayush Samiti)
Ayush Muscular Dystrophy Society India (AMDS India)
Ayush Muscular Dystrophy Society is on line initiative to spread optimum Ayush health and wellness across the world. Educating people and providing evidence based integrative holistic health care against disabling neuro-muscular illnesses such as DMD, BMD, LGMD, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Multiple sclerosis, Myasthenia gravis, Spinal muscular atrophy and conditions that affect the brain and nerves such as Autism and Parkinson’s disease. Many diseases are genetic but sometimes, an immune system disorder or environmental factors can cause them.

AMDS India works with different professional organizations, government departments, institutions and social organisations for the cause. Dr Mukesh Jain, Secretary of the Ayush Samiti, is an internationally known Ayush practitioner specializing in neuro-muscular and neuro-degenerative diseases, using evidence-based, efficient, safe and affordable Ayush treatment. Dr Jain is currently clinical head of the Ayush Clinic on NMD in Bhilai, India.

A number of families of afflicted children and adults are registered with AMDS India, which is involved in helping families with information about all aspects of NMD including Ayurvedic Treatment, Yoga, physiotherapy, diet, monitoring the breathing, and updates about what is new in the form treatments that may be in the pipeline.

The Patients are diagnosed by modern methods. Ayush specialists then carry out a family support based rehabilitation program, which increases the duration of the ambulatory stage. Scientifically treatment agenda has been developed wherein patient’s care taker is also actively involved in the rehabilitative programs at a special Ayush clinic. This integrative holistic approach has proven to be efficient to improve symptoms, increase mobility and to lengthen life. Ayush approach has been proven to be more beneficial to the families and is being explored further.

Special Ayush Clinic on Muscular Dystrophies

Ayush clinic utilize the advantages of the holistic integrative multi-model treatment approach. The patients are examined according to both Ayurvedic and Western medical methods. Based on the results of these examinations, the individual clinical programs are designed. Patients are treated using scientifically verified Panch Karma procedures, Rasayana, Yoga and physiotherapy. Sensible diet planning is an important element of Ayush clinical programs which is prescribed for the duration of treatment and individually adjusted as treatment progresses.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is most fatal debilitating disease, exclusively afflict boys and progressively wasting away of muscle tissue. It is caused by lack of single muscle protein “Dystrophin” (1 of 3000 muscle proteins). Usually DMD is inherited, but is caused by spontaneous mutation more than 30% of time. Duchenne is a degenerative and currently irreversible condition. Deterioration in muscle strength is happening every day. Ayush management is the only available treatment proven to address the underlying causes of the condition and decelerate the deterioration in muscle strength.

Supportive care is essential to preserve muscle activity, to allow for maximal functional ability, and to prolong the patient's life expectancy. The primary concerns include prevention and correction of skeletal abnormalities, such as scoliosis, foot deformities, and contractures, to maintain ambulation. Pulmonary and cardiac complications are the other main concern. Early monitoring and intervention to treat respiratory insufficiency is important because effective therapies can help to improve function and prolong life expectancy

Ayurveda considers this condition as Mamsa-Vata-kshaya related to beeja dosha and impairment of Mamsagni (muscle enzyme). It involves deletion Vata element and subsequent degeneration of muscles and structures related to it. Ayurvedic treatment might slow or stop the progression of muscle degeneration. A combined strategy of Til-Mash Pinda procedure, physiotherapy and Mamsagni Rasayana along with Yogic support is found effective in the (i) prevention of contracture, (ii) maintenance of muscle strength and (iii) preservation of respiration. Researchers have shown a fall in serum CPK level. It suggests that there is check on further muscle destruction. See more info

Diagnosis & Further Research

The muscle biopsy & DNA Test are most important investigations. High levels of creatinine phosphokinase, or CK, in the blood can confirm the diagnosis. Electromyography, shows the typical features of a muscle dystrophy. Histochemistry & Immuno-histochemistry uses antibodies to detect the presence or absence of proteins. This analysis can show whether the cells are missing dystrophin (indicating DMD or BMD), sarcoglycans (limb-girdle MD), merosin (congenital MD) or other proteins whose absence causes specific muscular dystrophies.

Fight & Win Muscular Dystrophy
AMDS India wish to inform you of the promising results that we have achieved at our special clinic in treating the debilitating effects of muscular dystrophy using Ayurveda and Yoga based techniques. The Muscular Dystrophy programme being run at Sanjivani Hospital Bhilai, India focuses on - (i) Reducing weight, (ii) Improving muscle tone and functional ability in patients using specific Panchkarma procedures, specially developed Rasayana supplement, and yogic support. Following promising medicines are being used at Sanjivani Wellness Centre in Bhilai under Panch Karma Program on NMD since 2001:-

1. Mamsagni Rasayana 500 mg twice daily with milk.
2. Sukumar Guggul Rasayana 125 mg twice daily with water.
3. Liquid Ashwagandharitha or Balaristha 10-20 ml twice daily
4. Abhyanga with Shatbala Prasarni oil & Til-Mash Pinda Sweda
5. Anuvasana Vasti with Shatbala Prasarni Oil.

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Presentation on Muscular Dystrophy

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